Bayside’s Subsea Blowout Logo


Bayside’s primary logo is the three sails logo seen on our business cards, stationary, website and other places.  This logo is the primary logo of the group of companies portion of our business but we wanted to have different and more expressive logos for certain specific service applications.  The first of which is the Subsea Blowout Control Specialists logo which has subtle meanings and some historical connotations designed into it.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed the seahorse was an attribute of the sea god Poseidon/Neptune and as such, the seahorse was considered a symbol of strength and power.  Sailors have long viewed the seahorse as a good luck charm too.  Symbolic meaning of the Seahorse carry the following significances; Patience, Protection, Perspective, Inflexibility, Persistence, Friendliness, Contentment, High-Perception and Generosity/Sharing.

Many of these same qualities are parts of what we at Bayside strive for.  We did add the hard hats to bring it into a modern ideology to represent our commitment to safety.  The green color for the hats represents our acknowledgement to a better environment.  Likewise, most of the Bayside Team members have spent more than our share of time on the water and working on projects on and under it.  The same is said for the leaking well symbol as many of our team members have extensive time on the “Downed Platform Projects” after hurricanes Ivan, Katrina and Rita.