Bayside was started in 2013 by the 2 principles after long senior level careers with Wild Well Control and Superior Energy Services (SPN).  Bayside was formed to continue as a technical consulting and engineering resource to the offshore Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Companies and the maritime industries.  The team at Bayside have proved themselves as innovators with a can-do attitude and capabilities exceeding client’s expectations.  The Bayside team is comprised today of personnel that have been working together from 17 to 35 years solving some of the most challenging projects around the globe while executing the work in a zero accident environment.

 Mission & Vision

The mission of Bayside is to provide our clients with the best in industry services and solutions that can utilize our team’s expertise and proven backgrounds.  To achieve this mission, we will use the considerable talents, experience and historical achievements of our personnel and integrate new technologies as circumstance may dictate, to provide our clients the services and solutions needed to achieve their goals and expectations in the ever changing world of technology.


Bayside Technical Solutions has embraced from it very beginning, an HSE commitment to the highest standards for the health and safety of our employees, customers, and contractors as well as to the protection of the environment in the communities in which we live and work which contribute to global improvements.  Our teams have spent countless hours, days, month and even years in projects of varying degrees of difficulty and risk and at all times provided, and continue to provide, our services with the highest standards and commitments to  a safe and quality standard that is difficult to match in the industry.


Bayside holds a Texas Registration Certificate as a Professional Engineering Company, Registered by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers.