Bayside provides engineering and operational personnel for project execution to support client projects as integrated team members or as a “one stop shop for total project execution” as the engineering and management team for small and large projects involving all major disciplines.  Our team’s expertise is has been gained working the toughest and most challenging response programs recognized globally with our team members having lead the Gulf of Mexico Downed Platform projects killing and Salvaging 30 plus large offshore collapsed platforms involving over 534 active wells providing turn-key offshore operations with 5 World Class vessels, each setup with 24hour 7 day a week Saturation diving teams and dual Work Class ROVs, AHC Cranage and full Well Control Spreads. The personnel of Bayside have also provided the engineering, fabrication management, certification and deployment of the specialty subsea well containment system “Arctic Challenger” which involved over 1000 men on site to deliver and ready for deployment in the Arctic. When the Oil Industry and the Government have been in need of rapid technical solutions they have found it within the knowledge base of the personnel of Bayside.

Bayside primarily covers projects in the following industries:

Subsea Well Control Operations

  • Operational Planning
  • Vessel, Diving and ROV Coordination for Well Control Activities
  • Asset Selection and Vetting
  • Mobilization Management
  • Specialty Equipment Identification, Design, Fabrication Oversight, Deployment
  • Geo-Technical Planning and Excavation Management
  • Downed Platform Well Control and Kill Technical Management 
  • Structural Removal and Subsea Structural Disassembly and Removal

Specialty Equipment

  • Subsea Well Control Stinger and Re-Heading Equipment
  • Subsea Puller Equipment to 500tons (sea floor mounted)
  • Stored Energy/Stress “Spring Management” Tooling
  • Subsea Positive Suction Hydrocarbon Collection to 35000 bbl/day

Engineering and Technical Solutions

  • Offshore
    • Operations
    • Systems & Specialty Design
    • Subsea
      • Specialty Solutions involving Tooling & Design
      • Lifting, Excavation and Sub-Mudline Extractions
      • Well Conductor Location, Recovery and Straightening
    • Oilfield Salvage Engineering
    • Damage and Stability Expertise for Loss of Anchoring, Firefighting Support & Flooding
  • Maritime
    • Operations
    • Vessel Alterations and Redesign for Purpose
    • Salvage & Salvage Engineering
  • Arctic
    • Operations
    • Specialty Training
    • Tooling Design and Testing
  • Emergency Response
    • Oil Spill Equipment Design and Use (including Subsea)
    • Offshore Oilfield Incidents – Incident Management
    • Offshore and Marine Firefighting

Specialty Project Management

Our teams are experienced in all roles of project management including; Project Manager, Project Leads, Scheduling and Project Execution Planning, Cost Control (office and onsite), Purchasing and support positions (Office and Offshore). 

Training and Simulation

Bayside has a considerably talent pool of expertise in developing training seminars to address the short term operational procedures and new safety awareness requirements on a job up to and including the design and development of State Of The Art Class “A” simulator systems with full classroom training and evaluation systems to better prepare workers for demanding jobs, test Human Factors, Improve Operating Procedure and expand Operational Long Term Safety.